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Student Comments

​"Very good and fun instructor :)" [HSFA 9/30/15]

"Most knowledgeable instructor very helpful and knowledgeable"  [BLS 9/30/15]

"Awesome class.  Would refer to family, friends and co-workers" [BLS 9/30/15]

"Exceptional course" [BLS 9/30/15}

"Serious w/ good clean humor" [HSFA 9/29/15]

"Great instructor!" [BLS 9/28/15]

"Best refresher ever!  Will be back!!" [BLS 9/28/15]

​"Short, sweet, to the point :)" [BLS 9/28/15]

​"Wonderful.  Best CPR class!" [BLS 9/28/15]

"Great teacher, so much fun plus I learned a lot!!!" [HSFA 9/28/15]

"This is the best CPR class I have ever had.  Right to the point simple & easy to remember" [HSFA 9/28/15]

​"Great info presented in a lively manner-excellent!" [HSFA 9/28/15]

"Great instructor and very knowledgeable' [BLS 9/26/15]

"Provided lots of real life examples and explained instructions in detail" [BLS 9/26/15]

​"Answered all questions readily" [BLS 9/24/15]

​"Great instructor! (Lincoln)" [BLS 9/24/15]

​"He (John) taught above & beyond & not make mistakes" [BLS 9/23/15]

"Loved the course.  John is amazing" [BLS 9/22/15]

​"The most fun class in 10 years" [BLS 9/22/15]

"Had a wonderful experience" [HSFA 9/17/15]

"I really enjoyed taking the class.  Will come back again in 2 yrs" [HSFA 9/17/15]

"Lincoln was great very clear very informative and he kept the energy at a strong level." [HSFA  9/16/15]

"Best and most engaging BLS course I've taken over the years." [BLS 9/16/15]

"I really enjoyed this class.  I'm going to recommend to everyone." [BLS 9/16/15]

"Most beneficial CPR course ever taken thanks!" [HSFA] 9/14/15

"Great course. See you in 2 years!" [HSFA] 9/14/15

"This class was excellent. I feel as though I really retained the information. Lincoln explained everything well and kept it very interesting!" [HSFA] 9/14/15

"I was really dreading this evening: it was actually fun- I will a) recommend it to others, b) recertify here, c) consider taking ACLS & PALS, even though I technically am not required to-because I think I'd LEARN happily. 'Protect the ego of the adult learner' is a maxine of teaching adults- I really appreciate how 'psychologically safe' this class was." [BLS] 9/14/15

"Best CPR/First Aid class taken!' [HSFA] 9/12/15

"I learned more than expected" [HSFA] 9/12/15

"John is always very informative and entertaining" [HSFA] 9/11/15

"This is my second time taking this course here and it is the best!" [BLS] 9/10/15

"Great instructor! Made class fun...much humor. Great practical experience" [BLS] 9/9/15

"Excellent course" [BLS] 9/8/15

"Very informative, detailed, and answered  all questions well" :) [BLS] 9/4/15

"Explained everything/anything that needed clarification." [BLS] 9/3/15

"Great class! Was entertaining!" [BLS Recert] 9/3/15

"Great course-excellent teaching!" [HSFA] 9/2/15

"This was excellent, fun, informative, no stress so learning was easy. This was great!" [BLS Recert] 8/31/15

"Great class excellent instructor." [BLS recertification] 8/31/15

"Great Job!-Will recommend to others :)" [BLS] 8/29/15

"The repetition and the accurate physical demonstrations were very helpful." [BLS] 8/29/15

"Best CPR course I've ever taken" 8/29/15

"Excellent instructions & very knowledgable!!!" [BLS] 8/26/15

"Best CPR class I've taken!" [BLS] 8/26/15

"Very good class. Lincoln communicated clearly and made it so fun :-) " 8/25/15

"Jeff is good fun! :-)" [BLS Recert] 8/24/15

"Answered my questions with thorough explanations." [ACLS] 8/22/15

"Great knowledge but also kept course from being boring. Excellent nonthreatening constructive style." [BLS] 8/20/15

"Fantastic class! Thank you!" [BLS] 8/20/15

"Amazing course!!!" [BLS] 8/20/15

"Didn't waste time" [BLS] 8/20/15

"Best CPR class I've taken!" [BLS] 8/18/15

"Very knowledgable and gave personal anecdotes which really helped" [BLS] 8/18/15

"Best instructor i have had for CPR very helpful since he had personal experience." [BLS] 8/15/15

"Instructor was knowledgeable & provided plenty of real world application & examples." [BLS] 8/15/15

"John rocks! Will take further courses with him." [HSFA] 8/14/15

"Presentation was a good balance of professionalism & a good sense of humor keeping the class alive & interesting.  All questions were answered thoroughly & all topics covered more than adequately. Sharing experiences from the "field" & updating the newer methods was presented very well with more than sufficient explanation at the changes." [HSFA] 8/13/15

"Professional experience to talk about various real life situations/possibilities were an asset" [BLS] 8/13/15

"I have taken multiple CPR courses and this is the first one I felt I learned." [BLS] 8/12/15

"Entertaining and educational" [BLS] 8/11/15

"Lincoln was awesome" [BLS] 8/11/15

"I'm very happy" [BLS Recert] 8/10/15

"Great at answering all of our questions" [HSFA] 8/10/15

"Fun-comprehensive-non threatening" [PALS] 8/8/15

"Personal stories helped understanding!" [BLS] 8/4/15

"Awesome course! Really helpful in teaching me the material." [BLS] 8/4/15

"Jeff Rocks!" [BLS] 8/3/15

"The best instructor I have had for a CPR course" [BLS] 8/3/15

"Good job as always" [ACLS]

"Hands down, best instructor I've ever had!" [BLS] 7/31/15

"Great class lots of info given and learned" [PALS] 7/30/15

​"Very engaging instructor" [BLS] 7/28/15

"Great course, and awesome instructor!" [BLS] 7/27/15

"Worked with me individually when i didn't understand a topic" [BLS] 7/27/15

"Great course, will use again in future" [ACLS] 7/25/15

"Fun, easy to understand" [ACLS] 7/25/15

"Great course for all levels." [ACLS] 7/25/15

"Great instruction!' [ACLS] 7/25/15

"One of the best instructors I've had" [HSFA] 7/24/15

"The course went by so fast! Taught really well in a way that I'll remember. Thanks!" [HSFA] 7/24/15

"Excellent course! Loved the enthusiasm! Very involved with the students." 7/23/15

"I had a great time.  I'm glad I came back here to rectify!" 7/23/15

"Information presented in an informative and practical way, as well as entertaining and easy to understand; loved the class!" [BLS] 7/22/15

"The class was a lot of fun while providing pertinent info." [BLS] 7/20/15

"Lincoln was awesome-great teaching style." [BLS] 7/18/15

"Good challenging scenarios." [ACLS] 7/17/15

"Definitely will be back." [HSFA] 7/17/15

"Awesome, knowledgable, energetic! Will recommend to many" [BLS] 7/16/15

"Very good at answering questions." [BLS] 7/17/15

"Presenter encouraged group participation & feedback given during skills demo in a non-threatening/ non-intimidating manner." [BLS] 7/13/15

"Very patient with my nervousness & insecurity with my performance." [ACLS] 7/10/15

"2nd time taking ACLS here and still learned and improved skills." 7/10/15

"Will recommend highly!" [ACLS] 7/10/15

"Best CPR certification (re) I have taken in my 30 years as a P.T. Thank you :)" 7/9/15

"Loved the jokes really makes the course a unique one." 7/7/15

"I really enjoyed your class. Thank you very much for making it fun! I hope to have you [Lincoln] as the instructor when I renew in 2 years" 7/7/15

"I loved this class! I will recommend this to ANYONE who needs BLS! Thanks :)" 7/7/15

"Great class with realistic scenarios." 6/30/15

"Lincoln [BLS instructor] was funny and interesting. The time flew by." 6/30/15

"This was my second class at this center and again AMAZING!!! Thank you!" [BLS] 6/29/15

​"John LaVolpa was an excellent instructor, very knowledgable." 6/27/15

"Great course, interactive, realistic." [BLS] 6/27/15

"Energetic, hands on, good course, great instructor."[ACLS] 6/26/15

"Super friendly and helpful, good feedback. Thanks for a great class!" [ACLS] 6/26/15

"First time I've had fun during a BLS class! :)" 6/25/15

"[Lincoln] made class interested & fun, very professional" 6/25/15

"The class was very informative & the instructor was great!" 6/25/15

"Overall excellent would recommend" 6/239/15

"Thank you so much, had a great time and learned a lot! I'll feel a lot more confidence if I ever get put in a situation like this!" 6/23/15

"The instructor was positive, interesting and funny." 6/22/15

"I loved this way of teaching. Short and concise. Much better than the first time I took it." [BLS Recert] 6/22/15

"This was one of the most fun CPR classes I have ever taken! Lots and lots of excellent information." 6/20/15

"Best BLS I have had in the last 6 years. Great instructor. Lincoln really knows what he's doing." 6/18/15

"This class made me feel prepared and ready to handle any cardiac/respiratory emergency. The instructors were phenomenal!!!" 6/17/15

"Excellent class! Thank you! Small class size--really helpful to get personal attention." 6/16/15

"I enjoyed the class it was quick and efficient." 6/11/15

"Lincoln was excellent! Great teacher!" 6/11/15

"Excellent teaching!" 6/10/15

"Entertaining and good use of real life situations." [BLS] 6/10/15

"First CPR course I have taken that I enjoyed!! Thank you!!" 6/6/15

"Again, very patient w/ me and explained well so that I understood it - even though I didn't get the first time." 6/3/15

"This is the best BLS class I have ever taken. I didn't leave the class confused or puzzled . Great job! I will recommend to other people." 6/2/15

"Great course, would recommend to others! Thank you!" [BLS] 6/2/15

"Very thorough, yet concise and effective ." [BLS] 6/1/15

"Great format for the class. Very convenient. The study guide on the website was very helpful to review before the course. Learned a lot and was geared towards a more medical approach than other courses I have taken." [BLS] 5/28/15

"Explaining everything in great detail and provided important repetition & assessment of skills." 5/26/15

"Excellent teacher/teaching strategies.  He kept class interesting, fun, professional, and educational!" 5/23/15

"Very awesome course that made CPR more realistic and less scary for me!" 5/23/15

"Best CPR class I've ever taken!!" 5/20/15

"Excellent!!! More civilians should take this course." 5/20/15

" Great course for being a first time person taking course learned a lot." [BLS] 5/12/15

"I was terrified as a new nurse, no experience, but John made us all welcomed and at ease." [ACLS] 5/9/15

"John is excellent in his knowledge base." [ACLS] 5/9/15

"John makes this course fun and interactive" [HSFA] 5/8/15

"Jeff was an excellent & efficient instructor." 5/2/15

"I'm leaving here today knowing how to save a life. Thank you!" 5/2/15

"Love this facility and the instructors! Awesome teaching methods :-)" 4/30/15

"Just wanted to say thank you for your help in getting into this course [PALS]. It truly saved my job, as they would have pulled me off the flight line if i didn't have it done by yesterday.  The course itself was great, and while i will always hate kid calls, I am more than confident in my skills and abilities. So thank you for all your help, and for the great class." Email 4/28/15

Instructor kept class exciting, loved stories. Lincoln knows his stuff!" 4/27/15

"Methodology is very effective" [ACLS] 4/25/15

"Awesome course" [PALS] 4/24/15

"Instructor was extremely helpful.  Great sense of humor also." 4/23/15

"Lincoln did a great job presenting material. It was a lot of fun, and got to hear a lot of great examples." 4/22/15

"Verbal communication excellent. Great course-Thanx"​ 4/21/15

"Excellent presentation of material" 4/20/15

"Fun learning environment. Great class!" 4/18/15

"Instruction was excellent and illustrations were appropriate. The course was enjoyable!" 4/18/15

"Really enjoyed this course. Was very experienced. Was thorough. Personable. Learned a lot. Was funny." 4/18/15

​"Awesome! Loved the class" 4/18/15

"Instructor was very knowledgeable. Really enjoyed the class. Will come back to eventually get the ACLS and PALS" 4/18/15

"Really great course from an energetic, clear & experienced instructor" 4/15/15

"Hi. I took a BLS course from Lincoln this past Saturday (April 11, 2015). I've been taking BLS courses for more than 17 years now, and CPR courses have become routine and, frankly, a chore. But on Saturday, a really funny thing happened:  I not only learned new stuff, I actually *enjoyed* my time at a BLS course! I immediately went home and told every healthcare professional that i know in this state about my experience at the American CPR Center. Lincoln delivered the course with enthusiasm, humor, and most importantly, with discussion. BLS courses are seemingly always taught with the intention of getting people a card at the end; it was clear that Lincoln was teaching with the intention of making sure that we could do the highest-quality CPR. The difference was amazing, and I don't think I'll ever want to take a BlS course anywhere else. It's so clear when a company takes pride in what they do. I feel truly lucky to have found you guys. You can be sure that I'll be recommending your company to every HCP I meet." #Adam (email 4/14/15)

"Jeff has a sense of humor that nails the info." 4/13/15​

"Lincoln did a great job & made the course informational as well as fun." 4/11/15

"By far the best CPR course I've ever taken - Lincoln is phenomenal" 4/11/15

"Educational and fun class!" 4/11/15

"When I made a mistake it was corrected in a maneuver that was appropriate". 4/10/15

"Enjoyable and informative. I feel very confident with what I learned." 4/7/15

"This facility has provided consistent and high quality instruction.  I recommend it to others." 4/7/15